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Instant Purchases

You do not have to wait. Our Ucash, CashU or psc for LR buying operators are working 24/7, so your voucher for sale will be processed in the shortest time.

Best Rates

Since we are the direct buyer and not a dealer, we can give you the best possible price and conditions for your purchase of Ucash, CashU and psc for specified e-currencies.

Any Currency

Your voucher is exchanged virtually to all available e-currencies. You just have to specify the most suitable format of e-currency you would like to receive. Leave the rest part of the job to us!

100% Anonimity

The exceptional warranty of our service is its stability and trust. We are working since August. 15, 2010 and have not got even one failure but successfully processed over 8,000 transactions, since last count and climbing.

Three Easy Steps

Choose your e-currency

Simply choose from three e-currencies i.s. Ukash, CashU and Paysafe Card to which your voucher belongs.

Enter the voucher details

Just fill up the related from with necessary details so that we have everything we need to exchange your voucher.

Get paid instantly

We pay we as soon as we verify your request and our customer service professionals are almost 24X7 online.


CashU EUR Liberty Reserve EUR 2.60
CashU USD Liberty Reserve USD 2.50
CashU USD Perfect Money USD 2.40
CashU USD Perfect Money EUR 2.10
CashU USD PayPal USD 3.10
CashU USD PayPal EUR 2.90
CashU USD Western Union USD 3.40
CashU USD Western Union EUR 3.30
PaySafeCard USD Liberty Reserve USD 3.20
PaySafeCard EUR Liberty Reserve EUR 3.00
PaySafeCard USD Perfect Money USD 2.30
PaySafeCard EUR Perfect Money EUR 2.40
PaySafeCard USD PayPal USD 3.80
PaySafeCard EUR PayPal EUR 3.70
PaySafeCard USD Western Union USD 3.60
PaySafeCard EUR Western Union EUR 3.90
CashU USD Liberty Reserve EUR 2.60
CashU EUR Liberty Reserve USD 3.10
CashU USD Perfect Money EUR 2.90
CashU EUR Perfect Money USD 3.00
CashU USD PayPal EUR 3.40
CashU EUR PayPal USD 2.90
CashU USD Western Union EUR 2.80
CashU EUR Western Union USD 3.50
PaySafeCard USD Liberty Reserve EUR 3.30
PaySafeCard EUR Liberty Reserve USD 2.90
PaySafeCard USD Perfect Money EUR 3.20
PaySafeCard EUR Perfect Money USD 3.40
PaySafeCard USD PayPal EUR 3.50
PaySafeCard EUR PayPal USD 3.30
PaySafeCard USD Western Union EUR 2.60
PaySafeCard EUR Western Union USD 2.30
PP Cash USD Liberty Reserve USD 2.00
PP Cash USD Perfect Money USD 2.10
PP Cash USD PayPal USD 2.50
PP Cash USD Western Union USD 2.30
PP Cash EUR Liberty Reserve EUR 1.50
PP Cash EUR Perfect Money EUR 2.20
PP Cash EUR PayPal EUR 2.30
PP Cash EUR Western Union EUR 2.10


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